DGAZ was established in 2006, the full name is "Design, Grace, Aristocratic, Zeal", dedicated to the continuation of the life of each bag, and to maintain the elegant and noble posture; so every moment you are the most beautiful!

DGAZ specializes in custom insert and pillows for luxury bags. We have accumulated tens of thousands of fans worldwide. Customers who have used our products are willing to recommend them to people around them.

Focus on Every Product

DGAZ purse organizer and purse pillow are designed for luxury bags. Each product is handmade.

  • Silk fabric: silky smooth, thus preventing the bag from rubbing against the insert.
  • Lightweight fabric: won't add too much extra weight to your purse and take up too much space inside the bag.
  • Exclusive size: one size per bag type to better maintain the shape of the bag.
  • Interior protection: protects the lining of your bag from dirt and dust.

DGAZ set up a special R & D team, in each product production out of the need to go through a number of tests, and finally to do to the size of each bag, at the same time, each of our products will collect customer feedback, product improvement, so that each product can play the best role, while the color we also continue to add in order to meet the needs of different customization.

With the principle of being responsible for every customer, DGAZ is committed to providing the best service to every customer.

We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you!