DGAZ Vachetta Leather Adjustable Crossbody Strap for Speedy bag with Gift Box, Handmade DIY purse strap

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Product description
  • Adjustable length: This DIY strap length can be adjusted within the range of 43.30 inches-51.2 inches (110-130 cm). The messenger bag shoulder strap is long enough to fit most people with a width of 0.47 inches/0.59 inches/0.7 inches (1.2 cm/1.5 cm/1.8 cm, please choose the corresponding width when placing your order).
  • About Color:It's normal that the color of the shoulder strap the moment you receive is different from your bag. It's because Vachetta leather is untreated natural leather. With the influence of sunlight and natural oxidation, its color will be close to that of your bag. If you mind that the color is different at the beginning, you can apply hand cream or horn oil to it, which can speed it up to the color of the bag. Otherwise, please consider before you buying it.
  • High-quality material: composed of high-quality cowhide material, HIGH-QUALITY vachetta leather soft and sturdy, can be bent at will, good resilience, reinforced stitching joints, with good weight-bearing.Anti-rust and wear-resistant electroplated hardware buckle, no color loss, easy to take and easy to buckle, three-dimensional smooth outline.
  • Ideal replacement belt: full hand waxed thread sewing, tight and even stitching, replacement belt leather color is close to the bag leather color, replaceable and interchangeable, bring more changes to your bag.
  • Warranty and other items: all of our DGAZ products. Provide 1 year worry-free warranty. If there is any problem, we will try our best to do it within 24 hours.